“Never say die” spirit of CodeFire Technologies – This was not at all easy…..

This was never that easy…

On 14th February, it was beautiful rainy day… Most of employees at CodeFire left early and we were smelling a relaxing weekend on 15-16th Feb as we had nothing much planned. However, it seems fate had other plans :-) , on 15th February , I got phone call in the morning from our office boy that glasses from office doors are broken and all the Laptops in office are missing. We were shocked and ran to office in a jiffy. news

There we were in the office, witnessing first ever theft incident of our life, all Laptops were missing, drawers were open, speakers, headphones etc were also missing…
Next we were in for our first direct experience with police system. They took it all for granted probably because I think this is routine job for them and I was shocked when were not willing to record an FIR as multiple laptops (6) were lost so this would taint their record it seems :-) .
After much persuasion and “pressure from above” ;-) finally FIR was recorded on 16th. But with this experience with police system, we decided that we need to make our office
secure because police system is not functional. Also, somewhere I had a hunch that thieves may come again as they would have noticed many desktop computers etc in the office, which they did not steal as it was not easy to carry them.

We decided that we will add missing safety measures ASAP on Monday. However, fate had different things in store, our worst fears were realized, on Monday morning(17th February 2014) we again got a call from office boy that glasses of office door were broken again and this time all the desktop computers and everything else that could be stolen was gone. This was probably the worst thing that could have happened :-( . It was a huge shock for us…WP_20140304_021

Being an entrepreneur for last 3 years we have seen many difficult situations, this was probably one of the most difficult time, but with our firm belief that “Tough times don’t last, tough people do”, we decided to start work ASAP. One lucky thing was that not much data was lost as we had remote backup done.

The team supported really well, each member of the team offered to bring their personal laptops to work and hence we were back up and running on 18th February.

More than one month has passed since then, there has been no update from Police department, we have shifted our office to a new location, arranged computers etc. Used this as an opportunity to:
1. Setup new office with better infrastructure to avoid the bottlenecks that we were facing in old one.
2. Setup detailed security system in office.
3. Got insurance of our infrastructure.
I guess this is what life is all about, live, learn and try again.IMG_7692

Last but not the least, we are really thankful to all who came forward to help. It is with the help and blessings of our well wishers that we are back on our feet!




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Tips for handling Walk-in Interviews for a small company

Codefire finally decided that we need to go for walkin interview.

Walkin interviews
The reasons:
1. We have been looking to hire fresh graduates for quite some time and have been doing interviews for last 3-4 weeks and not got the talent we were looking for.
2. We did not have sufficient database of freshers resume
3. We wanted to complete the process and finalize the candidates.

After much thinking and deliberations we decided “Walkin” was the only option left.

On Monday the 3rd of June we started the campaign. Created the flyer and shared on CodeFire facebook page (and couple other places. By the end of the day all seemed set. Except one thing, there was not much traffic on the facebook page and it seemed our campaign will go bust. May be we will not get any talent that we are looking for.
That’s when I turned on my entrepreneur cap. On 4th of June I shared the flyer with some of the top fresher’s database sites such as “Freshers Live” and a few more. And by the end of 4th of June our flyers were all around. Many freash’s website picked the flyer and added it on their FB pages as well as website.
On 4th of June alone I got around 200+ resumes, which we thought was just fine for us. 5th of June went explosive, the traffic on CodeFire.in shot through the roof, we got around 2000+ resumes and many registrations on the site.

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Job hoping – Pros and Cons

Nowadays Job hopping has become a trend in software/marketing/services companies. job hopingThose days are gone when person start their job in one company and get retirement in the same company. Now job hopping is way of life for those employees who feel confident in their skills to be able to adjust at any new place in no time, who believe in experimenting and want faster hikes, want to work in new environment, want to expand their professional network, need exposure to different business, technology and people.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I talk a lot. When I say a lot I really mean A LOT. I am going to try and convert my talking to my writing. Because talking has one restriction…there are limited set audiences of any talk and I want to be heard far and wide. Making sense to any talk is your job. I will just do the talk which I call Chirpy Chat…

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